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Bringing personality and technology to accounting, Orsini & Associates builds relationships that add value to our clients’ lives, enabling them to focus on their passions instead of their taxes. We’re not your typical CPA Firm.

At Orsini & Associates, we get small business because we are one. We break the mold of traditional accounting firms with outgoing, personable service and a keen eye on emerging technologies. From gamers to doctors (and everything in between) we take a proactive approach to your taxes and finances so you can focus on gaming, making, doing, and producing. We’ve got your numbers covered.

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4 Tax Tips for Musicians in 2021

It’s no secret that 2020 was a tough year for musicians who rely on live performances both to thrive spiritually and survive financially. Now that tax season has arrived, here are four tax tips for musicians to make the most of their financial situation. 1. Know Your Forms As a musician, you should report your…

What Gamers Should Know about Income Taxes

Game streaming? Super fun. Taxes? BORING! However, a large number of people now earn income, sometimes significant income, by streaming their gameplay. Professional gamers sometimes even share the same fame and fortune as professional athletes or actors. With millions of viewers watching from home, streaming revenue has become a significant factor for income taxes. Gamers,…

2021 Tax Dates and Deadlines

2020 has been a year for the books, and the tax books were no exception. Deadlines were changed, stimulus checks were cut, and a record number of tax filings were submitted online. While we look to the coming year, we can all hope that some sense of normalcy begins to return. To help in this…

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