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The Internal Revenue Code is an ominous, frustrating, and ever-changing beast to work with. Fortunately for you, our tax professionals have years of experience doing just that. Instead of banging your head against the wall trying to figure it out yourself, try the tax consulting services from Orsini & Associates!

What Is Tax Consulting?

From individuals to small businesses to entrepreneurs to partnerships to corporations and beyond, questions are bound to arise concerning tax law or other financial-related matters. This is where a tax consultant comes in. We offer advice to our clients that work, minimizing your tax liability. This could include things like credits, deductions, interest statements, and income tax returns. And since we use the latest tax tools available, we can meet you where you are. Coast to coast, our accountants are ready to advise.

Another way tax consulting can help you and your business is through tax planning. We stay on top of ever-changing tax laws and regulations at the state and federal level, ensuring you’re never caught off guard. Best of all, we’re people people. We promise to never drown you in tax speak. We’re outgoing and have the skills to break down complex tax issues so even the most numbers averse person can understand.

Here are some ways we can help you or your business through our tax consulting services:

  • Preparing your tax return
  • Looking for deductions to lower your income and credits to lower your tax burden
  • Helping with trusts
  • Dealing with taxes on rental property income
  • Figuring out how to handle hobby income
  • Understanding the tax liability of your business structure
  • Do you have multiple states/jurisdictions you are being taxed in?
  • Are you expanding, should you buy or lease?
  • Sorting through tax implications of life events like marriages, divorces, deaths and births

Tax consulting isn’t just for the Beyoncés of the world. Anyone who doesn’t feel confident in their understanding of tax law could benefit from a chat with an experienced advisor. And we LOVE to chat!

What to Look for in a Tax Advisor

When looking for a tax advisor, you want to find someone who is a qualified to be a partner in your business. Make sure they have relevant degrees, experience in preparing tax returns, and are up to date on any continuing education requirements. Licensed CPAs are usually going to be the most qualified, safest bet (hint: we’re CPAs!). We have both tax experience and the formal education needed to provide strategic advice.

If you have a really niche field, it can be helpful to have a tax advisor familiar in that specialty. Different industries may have special rules or deductions that apply. With years of experience, our Tax Advisors have a number of specialties ranging from musicians, small to medium businesses, artists, hobby income, real estate, service providers, and streamers (Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, etc.).

As you meet with potential advisors, beyond education, experience, and specialties, you also want to find someone you can work well with. When you explain your goals, do they listen? Do they have tools that make it convenient for you to communicate? Do you trust them? At Orsini & Associates, we work hard to develop all three: listening, convenience, and trust. Lastly, you want to make sure that your investment in your business’s financial future doesn’t ruin your business financially. Make sure you understand the fees upfront and that they align with your budget. Because we use the latest technology to make our firm efficient, we are able to pass on savings to our clients. We work with individuals of all backgrounds and businesses large and small. Since we can work both in-person here in Savannah and also completely remote, we are able to serve clients nationwide.

Everyday Financial Education

In addition to formal consulting, we firmly believe in everyday financial and tax education. From quick online videos to fun in-person seminars, we offer ongoing tips, tricks, and morsels of knowledge to the public. Tequila and taxes. Quickbooks and cocktails. We make financial literacy fun. The best way to stay up to date with these opportunities is to follow us on our social media channels:

Schedule a Consultation Today

For anyone unsure whether they can minimize tax liability and maximize tax refunds, meeting with a tax consultant can be a lifeline. Contact us at Orsini & Associates today to schedule an initial consultation. Our CPAs are ready to discuss your situation and help you reach your financial goals. Not only do we bring years of experience and a passion for helping businesses, but our office is VERY dog friendly.

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