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Federal and State Tax Preparation Services

Death and taxes, amiright? While we can’t help with the former, we have you covered with the latter. Our experienced accountants at Orsini & Associates have the knowledge to handle your federal and state tax needs. Our tax preparation services are offered to individuals and businesses. Here are some of the services that our income tax accountants do:

  • Business tax preparation (including LLCs, Solo Practitioners, Small Businesses, and Corporations)
  • Multi-state tax preparation for businesses and individuals
  • Individual tax returns
  • Hobby-income and deductions (for gamers, musicians, makers, etc)

Individual and Joint Income Tax (Nationwide)

From Georgia to Washington, New York to Arizona, and all the states in between (or not in between – we love you Alaska and Hawai’i!), we’ve got your tax preparation and filing requirements covered. Entrust us to handle the crazy tax complexities of multi-state returns, estimated taxes, deductions for dependents, your home office write-offs, investments, and more. We have the tax knowledge to handle medical expenses, retirement plan considerations, hobby income, itemized deductions, tax credits, and more.

At Orsini & Associates we can prepare individual income tax filings for federal and state, but we can also tackle amended tax returns and those unusual or complex tax circumstances that might be staring you in the face. We will discuss all your particulars with you so that we can maximize your filing. Don’t worry – we promise we’re fun. You’ll enjoy chatting with your accountant when you’re our client!

And because we’re a modern accounting firm, we use the latest and greatest in accounting software and technology. This means we can do everything, including filing your returns, providing digital copies, secure data sharing, etc. This keeps our firm running efficiently and allows us to keep the costs for our clients competitive.

Ohio Tax Preparation Services With E-File

Businesses Income Tax Preparation

We know business taxes! Not least of all because we are one ourselves. Our accountants will not only prepare and file your tax returns for your business, but we can also offer guidance on things like regulations, strategic financial planning, and tax efficiency. We will stay on top of all required tax filings and can even help you prepare any financial reporting you need. (And don’t forget to check out our tax planning services that can help you stay ahead of the curve.) Our business income tax preparation services include preparation of federal, state, and (in some cases) local business tax filings.

Large and small, new and old, we work with them all. We love start-ups, solopreneurs, musicians, artists, and gamers, as well as the long-established businesses that make their communities unique. We want to know your business (check out some of the amazing things our rad clients are doing!) Your passion drives our passion to help you succeed. We want to help you build something awesome!

Hobby Income and Special Deductions for Artists

Do you sell your music on Spotify? Have an Etsy store on the side? Earn some cash from live streaming, being sponsored, and paid to create content? Then you should talk to us! Side hobbies can bring in serious dough and bring serious passion to the dull world of adulting, and the last thing you need is something boring like TAXES bringing your joy down.

We love working with passionate people. Bring us your art, your hobby income, your side hustles. We’ll make sure you’re covered on your income tax filings. We’ll find all the relevant deductions for your projects and ensure the tax man won’t try to shut down your kickstarter for your next album because you didn’t pay your taxes. (We also totally want to come to your next gig – live music is kind of our thing.)

Personal Attention and State of the Art Technology

If you couldn’t tell already, we’re not your father’s CPA firm. We’re fun. We’re extroverts. And we aren’t afraid of computers. What this means for our clients is that with our firm, you get a real relationship with a real person you actually want to spend time with. You won’t be a case file number. We’ll know you, your passions, your goals, and we’ll be with you all along the way to help you achieve them.

Additionally, we can be wherever you are. Technology makes it easier than ever to provide tax services conveniently and accurately. You don’t have to second guess yourself on one of those self-service tax filing systems online because it’s the only digital option. You can stay online and get professional results with the same convenience (and less time you have to spend googling what something means.)

Tax Preparation Services Wherever You Are

If you’re looking for income tax preparation services for yourself or for your business, we invite you to contact us at Orsini & Associates. Based in Savannah, Georgia, but serving clients nationwide, we are committed to offering our clients personal attention, cutting edge technology, and accurate filings. We can’t wait to work with you!

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